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2023 Events


2022 Events


2021 Events

Angels of the Road  – Sept 12th


Big Bass Battle – August 6th


Steel Horse Realtor Charity Ride – June 5th



Open House- May 22nd


Hardwater Freaks Annual Ice Event – Fundraiser


Ice Event- Phantom Lake


2020 Events

WABTA Fundraiser


FoxBrook Park

June 21st 


National Guard COVID-Response Teams

Wolf Tracking Immersion

Feb 17 – 22nd and Feb 29th

“22” Dinner at Brookfield Lutheran Church

Hosted by Charity Comfort Dog with sponsorship by Alioto’s Restuarant


Phantom Lake Ice Fishing – Feb 21st

Thank you to Max Zaruba and Zach Schultz for all of your support!



Hardwater Freaks Annual Ice Event


2019 Events 

Central WI Muskie Fishing W.H.O. & Muskies Matter Inc Nov 1-3


Sept 26 Final Pontoon Ride on Lake Geneva

Veterans from the Milwaukee VA enjoy the last pontoon ride of the summer.


Sept 23 Pontoon Ride on Lake Geneva

Veterans from the Milwaukee VA enjoying a day on the pontoon donated by The Boat House!

Sept 19 Wisconsin Athletic Club Hosted Fundraiser for WHO and WCLC.

Pictured on bottom from Left to Right holding checks. Waterstone Bank, Craig Husars Fine Diamonds and Jewelry Design, Wisconsin Athletic Club, Belman Homes, Chiropractic Company.
St Johns Northwestern Military Academy Color Guard and Silver Rifle Drill Team
Our friendly companion LCC’s Charity the Therapy Dog
Major supporters, Craig Husar’s Fine Diamonds and Jewelry Design
Major supporters, Belman Homes and our host Wisconsin Athletic Club
“Taste of the Town”, Mission BBQ, Bonefish, and more to come!
Representative Ken Skowronski, Chairman of Veteran and Military Affairs for Wisconsin
St Johns Northwestern Military Academy Silver Rifle Drill Team
Major Supporter, Waterstone Bank
Our MC Vince Vitrano from TMJ 4 and Event Coordinator WAC’s Kevin Ward

Sept 15 Milwaukee VA, Marquette & Concordia ROTC at Lakewood Lake Geneva

September Crivitz Bear Hunt

Mission Complete…. After seeing the last 2 pictures (and the first 2 in this post) downloaded from my game camera after the bear hunt, I wanted to post a recap of a journey that started almost a year ago. In the early 2019 I received a call from long time friend Jason Bartol asking me if my property was in Zone B for bear hunting, I immediately knew what his next question was going to be. I said “YES let’s get the hunt going” even before he had the hole question out of his mouth. Jason informed me that Scott Fitzgerald had donated his Bear kill tag to WHO. Just as an FYI…. this is a highly prized tag for a bear hunter in Zone B, one is issued to a person after applying and building application points. On average this takes 10 to 12 years to get a kill tag for this Zone. This year only 819 kill tags were issued for Zone B Jason said WHO had not chosen a veteran yet and wanted to make sure my wife and I were on board to opening the house and property for the hunt before WHO started the selection process. Fast forward to July, Veteran Brian Stenz had been chosen for the hunt. My wife Jackie and I started preparing the bait site. It was a lot of work, but I call it fun work. We even where popping massive amounts of popcorn in the backyard to make raspberry coated candy popcorn. We knew there were A LOT of bears around the property, I also knew it would be a challenge to keep them coming in until September. After getting the bait site up and running, the Game Camera pictures started to come in about a week after we had set out the first 10 gallons of bait out. Soon after that we had a few donations come our way that were key aides to keep the bears coming back to the bait site, Glorioso’s Italian Market gave us old fryer oil. Northwoods Bear Products sent an assortment of sprayable scents. Big Woods Bear Bait donated a large amount of bait. Thank you all for your support!! You can’t imagine the number of pictures that started to roll in!!! We even gave the Bears nick names, Double Chin, Big Boy, LIL One, Momma and finally Middle. FINALLY, Wednesday September 11 hunt is on!! Brian and I jumped in the stand around 5pm, rain and uneventful and no bears. Thursday morning, rain had kept us in. The weather broke we were able to put a stalk on, I saw that Middle was making its way to the bait site as I was on my way to replenish the bait. I ran back to the house and pulled Brian away from a delicious breakfast that Jason had just got done preparing… the stalk was on! We were able to stalk to 40 yards. Brian took his shot at Middle and missed…. That’s hunting. For the next two hours we looked to make sure Middle was not hit …… It was a clean miss. There were a bunch of pictures Thursday night on the game cameras, Double Chin, Big Boy and yes Middle. I replenished the bait Friday morning and we had an uneventful day on the stand, no bear. I started to worry if the bears had gone nocturnal, will Brian get a second chance? As I was again putting more bait out Saturday morning, it was again destroyed overnight. I decided to ask for a bit of help from a Marine, a Marine I feel wanders our property, I asked him to give one of the bears a push in Brian’s direction while on stand. After the bait was replenished, Brian sat all day in the stand and then at 5:19pm I heard a sound very familiar sound, the crack of a 30.06. Then a call from Brian at 5:30 with Brian saying bear down!! Was I walked up to Brian he was all smiles and over the top excited!!! After a short track we found his bear, it was Middle. Brian got his second chance at the same bear he missed earlier in the week. What a journey!! -Dan Sutilla, Wisconsin Hero Oudoors Field Team Leader & Hunt Coordinator

August 12 Milwaukee VA at Lakewood with WHO

July 25 Brookfield Chamber of Commerce Event at the WAC

Tonight we shared our mission along side Waukesha County Land Conservancy with over 100 Businesses from the Brookfield Chamber of Commerce hosted by WAC Brookfield and Waukesha County Community Foundation. Special thanks to the extraordinary financial commitment from: WaterStone Bank VP David Provancher Craig Husar Designs Criag Husar Chiropractic Company • Brookfield Dr. Kent McLeod These individuals and the companies they represent are at the tip of the spear leading the donors supporting the joint efforts of WHO and WCLC helping connect Veterans, First Responders, their families and our community to the outdoors. 🇺🇸 Visit to donate.

July 20 Clays for a Cause

July 14 Milwaukee VA Fishing and Picnic with L.L. Bean, Brookfield Store

July 13 Leader Development at Lakewood

July 10 Oconomowoc Lake Club Youth Fishing Clinic with WHO

June 28-30 Eau Galle Annual Camping & Kayaking Event

June 22 Bowfishing at Lac La Belle WI

June 14 WHO & USSA Joint Outing with Tomah VA Veterans

June 14 Milwaukee VA Photography Club at Lakewood

June 10 Joint Outing Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin & Vets on the Fly at Lakewood

June 8 WWOTW Bass Tournament Benefiting Wisconsin Hero Outdoors

June 4 ADA Kayak Launch Ribbon Cutting Frame Park Waukesha WI

June 2 Milwaukee VA Kayak Fishing

May 20 Vets on the Fly

May 13 1st Lakewood Camp Event

May 11 Heroes Discover SCUBA

May 5 Kayak Fishing Milwaukee VA

May 4 River Safety Training

Tribute to Heroes Fundraising Event March 16, 2019

MKE Harbor Ice Fishing Feb 2019

Kelly Lake Ice Fishing Feb 2019

Pewaukee Lake                               Oct 2018

Camp American Legion          Aug-Sep 2018

Heroes Outdoors