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2023 Year in Review

The 2023 Year in Review

Wisconsin Hero Outdoors 2nd Annual Winter Event

Earlier this year, we were fortunate to host the 2nd Annual Winter Event at Camp American Legion. Ten veterans had the chance to ice fish, break bread together, and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow veterans. For our 2024 event, registration filled up in record time–within days.

We look forward to hosting four female veterans and ten male veterans for our 3rd Annual Winter Event.


Lake Winnebago Sturgeon Spearing

During sturgeon season, WHO brought together a group of veterans on Lake Winnebago to learn the ways of sturgeon spearing and to try their luck at hauling in the elusive ‘dinosaur.’ Although no sturgeons were speared this year, the action, camaraderie, and conversations did not disappoint. The group looks forward to trying their luck again during the 2024 season.


AgVets & Veteran Gardens

In the spring of 2023, our team, in collaboration with AgVets, built a 40′ x 40′ vegetable garden at our headquarters in Delafield, Wisconsin. Using methods to ensure responsible farming and sustainability, we had a successful harvest for our first year, and much of the crop was shared within our local community of residents, veterans, and first responders. As we continue to learn (and grow), we are excited to see what the 2024 harvest season brings.


Heroes to Hives

In addition to the garden collaboration with AgVets, team members from WHO enrolled in the nine-month Heroes to Hives program–a unique program offered through Michigan State University Extension that seeks to address “financial and personal wellness of veterans through professional training and community development centered around beekeeping.” We look forward to spring 2024 when bee hives will be added to our land at WHO headquarters for pollination and food security purposes. A special thank you to Kolterman Farms for your willingness to help us get hives on our property and the training you’ll bring to our team.


Belfredom 5K Run

On Memorial Day weekend, Belfre Kitchen, a farm-to-table restaurant in Delafield, Wisconsin, hosted the Belfredom 5K Run/Walk at St. Johns Military Academy to help raise money for Wisconsin Hero Outdoors. Many walkers and runners came together to show support for our local heroes who serve/have served our country. We are grateful to Belfre and those who participated in this Memorial Day event.


Big Bass Battle

The summer months of 2023 brought us the 10th Annual Big Bass Battle, an open fishing tournament headquartered at the Golden Mast on Okauchee Lake. This year, Wisconsin Hero Outdoors was selected by the Big Bass Battle organization as the honored recipient of proceeds. Over 45 boats participated in the event, with almost 100 fishermen and women on the water. Words can’t express our gratitude for being a part of this honored event that benefits Wisconsin Hero Outdoors and the local heroes of our community.


Eau Galle Reservoir Camping

Another year is in the books! In September, we held the Wisconsin Hero Outdoors 5th Annual Eau Galle Reservoir/Highland Ridge Campground outing in beautiful Spring Valley, Wisconsin. We had both familiar and new faces, and the weather was perfect. We are grateful to our donors for providing funding and provisions. We also want to thank supporters who loaned us equipment to help make this event possible.

We are looking forward to next year!


Outdoor and Small Group Activities

Along with the bigger events, throughout the year, we continued to provide access to therapeutic activities and the great outdoors, bringing together veterans and their families to participate in kayaking, fishing, gardening, campfires, curling, hiking, and overall camaraderie.